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The Code Journey: A Daily Guide For Life On Earth (2018) With all of the changes happening in life both personally and energetically, have you wished you had a guidebook to help you navigate with greater ease and Grace? You are in luck with "The Code Journey." Not only does Jesse An Nichols George give you a look at the energy currents for 2018, she gives you an overview of each month, actions and thoughts to focus on, and ways to nourish your soul so that you can intentionally work WITH life day by day, month by month to create greater success, happiness, and prosperity. Treat yourself to this book and give it as a gift to those you love. They will thank you for it! ~ Lorraine Cohen, Quantum Energy Healer, Soul Power Coach, Intuitive Reader.

​"Just read the codes. Have had a really rough time emotionally. So what they said - helped me a lot...So I'm on the right track again, reading the codes helps me keep the focus on what I would like in my life..." ~ Anonymous ~

​"I’m really enjoying reading your book. It’s very insightful for me in this crazy world we live in." ~ Theresa Milan