Jesse An Nichols George​

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"Jesse is a vivacious motivational speaker, life coach and spiritual leader.  She has various enlightening and spiritual tours throughout the country.  You should definitely check out at least one of her tours.  I highly recommend it."  Craig Brown - Music for Film/T.V/S D/ Lap Top DJ/Social Media

Traveling Presenter

A Wide Range of Topics

I love getting a chance to share about my work with others.  While Compassion is the foundation of my work, there is a wide variety of topics that I can talk about.  My vast background has given me expertise in many areas, and the ability to relate and connect with a wide range of audiences.  Whether you are looking for someone that can present on business related topics for production, creating results, or even some of the softer skills such as communications; I will bring in a fresh new perspective.

I also have numerous experiences and stories that connect with aspects like the "dark night of the soul" or "overcoming challenges and obstacles or "gaining inspiration and enthusiasm".  My work utilizes over 50 different tools, fields, and belief systems.  If you want someone that will bring the big concepts into everyday life where people can relate to it, be inspired with heart wrenching and heart touching stories, and walk away feeling as if they have experienced something wonderful; then I am the person for you.  I can work with any topic or subject that you would like to focus on.

I speak for everything from Sound Healing Events and Book Clubs, to presenting at retreats, and as a Keynote speaker.  Prices vary depending on the venue, length, and travel needs.  Usually, I can work with the budget of any group; and have even been known to do free or donational appearances at Sound Healing Events or other causes that are in route to other venues and events.

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