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Currently my shows run on Fridays at:

4:30pm EST - 3:30pm CST - 2:30pm MST - 1:30pm PST

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They can also be found as podcasts at i-tunes and tunein.com through the Main Street Universe listings where all of the Main Street Universe shows can be found

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What People Are Saying

"Listening to you has really inspired me, and given me ideas on how to move forward with things.


"Thank you as always for having me on your show.  It is important for you to know how much I have appreciated being your guest.  Thank you for allowing me to share my message.  I also want you to know what a wonderful show host you are and how much I appreciate how well we work together.  You treat your guests so well, you are so kind and courteous to each guest and you feel where the conversation is going, you sense the moment most elegantly that you make the evening truly delightful." Tina Erwin

​"Jesse is a gem!!! I LOVE working with her!  She helps people manage and complete their hopes and dreams!  She is a great motivational speaker and did a great job hosting her own radio show on Main Street Universe named "Activating Compassion in the Midnight Hour!" !  I see Jesse as a good friend, a good life coach, a good interviewer and an unique person to KNOW!!!  I really hope to work more with Jesse in the near future!"  Genise White

​"Jesse is a live wire and her Radio shows are a must to hear and watch, and the manner she conducts the interviews is really very very  novel way with a lot of soulful energy in it and humor.  She gives the audience the feel, that She is not conducting or asking the questions, but the listeners are.  She is able to gauge the pulse of the audience and also the orator."  Sunder

​“Jesse is a very compassionate, intuitive person who helps so many others on their path. She is knowledgeable in many different modalities so she is able to provide a great deal of guidance and support. I met her as a radio show host and her compassionate personality really shines through!”  Donna Cantone

"Jesse, I am listening now.  Your shows are exceptional.  I just followed you and this is great because I don't always see pertinent Facebook posts."  Luella May

"Jesse - I've so enjoyed being a guest on your show, "Finding Compassion." It's been an honor and priviledge to converse with you on air. I appreciate your warm, engaging and compassionate presence and the opportunity to "dive deeply" into some of the issues and challenges we all face in our changing world - with an eye to opening new doors of possibility and opportunity!"  Judith Diana Winston

About The Show

I delve into all the topics you want to know about, wonder about; sharing with you ways to deal with what is happening in the world.  While we do not want to focus on the negative heavy energy; we do want to know what it is about so that we can make wiser choices in our lives, and to hold the space of Divine energy instead of turning our power over to a few.  Choice is a gift; and it is important that we use it to be our own expression of the Divine essence.

Jesse An Nichols George​