Jesse An Nichols George​

Thank-You to everyone that has taken the time to share their comments and experiences

Your work has helped me become more aware of how I am with others"

"I go back and read your book over and over again" - Maria Clarke

"Listening to you has really inspired me, and given me ideas on how to move forward with things."

"We have only just started and I have received so much information from you." - Lindsey Rub

"You helped me more than you know, and I am forever grateful for your compassion at what I thought would be one of the lowest, darkest times of my life." - David Cooley

"When Jesse Ann Nichols George came into my life I was coming out of a very dark period, I didn't really understand myself and the parts I did, I was made to feel really bad about, she made me see it was ok to be different, and her shows helped me understand my path, and answered so many questions I was afraid to ask, because when I did ask I got the looks like what's wrong with you, and each guest she has, has help me grow spiritually, and she brought you into my life..Because of Jess, I have finally surrounded myself with women who are strong, successful, and encouraging.  That includes you Gloria Young." - Romi Rez

"Jesse is an amazing person and is making such a difference to so many." - Tiffany Michelle CopeFoster-White

"Hi Jesse!  You make my day much brighter even though I am disabled with the Degenerative Disease MS and much more but thanks to your talk with Shannon from Medford Lakes, NJ; I am on the move to get ready for the 2 1/2 Mile MS Walk My 5, 2013.  I designed the long-sleeve shirt for my partner and I.  The words on the shirt are "Strength in FAITH" because I am doing for everyone who has something negative to deal with today.  I wish you would be able to be there; I realize your are very busy and are far.  I want you to know You have gave me an important reason not to give up ever."  Thank You, Christine M. Pantilione

"Since we became friends, I have come a long way, by getting to know who I am and what I want.......I am so grateful for you.  Why you say love and light you meant it..your real, not fake.  You will always be my sister."  Romi Rez

"Jesse is a wonderful person to work with and so very competent in all that she does.  I love her heart-centered approach to her work and her ability to help clients heal with compassion and caring.  I really look forward to working with her more closely in the future for she is a pure delight!"  Wendy Martens - President at New Pathway to Health

"I recently had the opportunity to visit with Jesse and came away from the experience inspired!  Jesse's life experiences are interwoven into her work as an author, speaker, and coach.  Through her guidance she is able to show us simple ways to improve ourselves through compassionate living.  In a world that seems more filled with negativity and selfishness, Jesse encourages us to create compassion through everyday action.  Her upcoming tour and her book are not to be missed!  I highly recommend that you connect with Jesse."  Chris Toriello - Business Coach, Int'l Trainer, Sports Performance, Reliv Ambassador, Lunasin

"Jesse has been a "Positive Influence" to me a person that has Ph.D. in Nutrition from La Salle University but is now trapped at home because the Degenerative Disease of MS plus other Health problems that I have had.  Jesse, Brightens My Day and Spirit to keep going no-matter what difficulties, pain I have."  Christine M. Pantilione, Ph.D.

"My most recent book is Journey into a Passionate Life, I strongly believe that Jesse has a wonderful personal template for such a life in full.  You go girl!!!"  Laura Young

"Jesse has such depth in knowledge and is a person who feels heartfelt intuitive information that shapes our world."  Sara Troy

“Jesse is a very compassionate, intuitive person who helps so many others on their path. She is knowledgeable in many different modalities so she is able to provide a great deal of guidance and support. I met her as a radio show host and her compassionate personality really shines through!”  Donna Cantone

“JESSE, she is a very strong minded person who has a need and want to focus on helping others. she works very well with all types of people. Jesse has the knowledge and skills to bring people together working side by side to assist all who come before her. she is a great asset to any and all who want a brilliant lady. positive and a great attitude towards life and a wonderful focus on the future. goal oriented and her goal helping others. bravo Jesse.”  Randy Lacey

"Given the acuity of concepts of and by Ms. Jesse Nichols George, I am hereby reminded to publicly acknowledge that Jesse is ethical, competent, and resourceful.  I recommend her without any mental reservation."  Andres Agostini