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There Is Nothing Like A Live Event To Connect and Awaken

I am what is known as a traveling presenter.  This is because, while sometimes I work from a base location, I am often times presenting events around the United States.  Perhaps in the future I will be able to consider branching into other countries as well.  Because my work is always growing, developing, expanding; events, retreats, workshops, are often created based on what seems to be most needed or in alignment with the time that I am making a presentation.  My main focus now is blending my work in The Code Journey with what I present.

I am also open to suggestions, should you have a particular need, requirement, or focus for your area or group.  My style is more organic than highly structured; because I choose to work with what is happening for the participants at the time they are attending, so that their greatest concerns get addressed.  Live events are very dear to my heart; because that is how some of my greatest experiences and connections have happened.  I believe in that total immersion free from distractions be it for an hour, a day, or a week.

I have now created a variety of options with a variety of price and time options for people to experience.  In learning about the true essence of ourselves, others, and other things we allow for the wisdom to move through this life gracefully and compassionately; while expanding compassion for self and others.

Watch for new events to be added soon.

Coming This Spring - Starting June 3rd

What:  9 week Coded Chakra Cleanse and Activation

Where:  The Raven Collections, LLC

​Time:  5:30pm - 6:30/7pm Wednesday nights in June and July (time may vary from 1 - 1 1/2 hours depending on the number of people participating, and the flow of the session)

Location:  406 Main St., Norway ME, 04268   (207) 744-2018

Cost:  $15 per person per class

This course invites you to join us for one or all of the weeks.  Each week I will be sharing code insights about the chakra that we are working with that week.  We will be discussing the impact that chakra can have in our life, and how we can fall into blocks, challenges, and distortions when the energy is not flowing clearly and openly in that chakra.  There will be meditation and you will be learning ways that you can open that chakra up easily.  We will also be working with a gemstone that is coded to assist that chakra.

Week 1 - Root Chakra (yoga mat or blanket to lie on floor is suggested for this class, adaptations can be made if getting up and down from the floor is an issue for you)

Week 2 - Sacral Chakra

Week 3 - Solar Plexus Chakra

Week 4 - Heart Chakra

Week 5 - Throat Chakra

Week 6 - Third Eye Chakra

Week 7 - Crown Chakra

Week 8 - Polarity Chakras

Week 9 - All Chakras together (it is suggested that you have attended the other classes if you are taking this one, so that you have an awareness of the individual components that we have been talking about).


"I wanted to thank you, I listen to you talk about being grateful when things are not going right.  It made me stop and think about things in my life; so thank you I need that, please keep doing things like this, you do not know how you help out"  Bernadette Boccard

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