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"Before I read the Codes Personal Year Report from An I felt shaky about how I was aligning my soul energy with my work and life. I've been moving toward greater alignment for a while now (years really) and felt like I've made good progress. An's report is exactly what I needed to feel rock solid - both about my progress and in how I'll be making decisions over the next year. Specifically An provided confirmation that a launch I'm planning is perfectly timed - it's wonderful to have this additional support and confidence!" Karen Tax - CEO at the IAM Way

Your Personal Year In Codes

Your Personal Year In Codes

This option is great for those that want a little more personalized look at how their codes are flowing during a particular time.  With this option I look at the time period from your birthday to your next birthday.  I go month by month sharing with you insights as to how your energy is flowing over a 12-month period.  You will want to check with me the best time to make a request for this work, as I often do them so that you have time to view them before the start of your personal year.

While it is wonderful to know the global currents and working with them can help you to be in flow and alignment, and to handle the influences present in our world; knowing your personal year influences on a month-to-month basis brings us into a stronger awareness of how to be in our own personal flow and alignment.  This guide (normally about 15-20 pages in length) helps you to know where your current of energy is flowing, and the influences that are most directly a part of your own existence.  To have access to this information can help you to work with your own natural ebb and flow of life.  It can guide you with the wisdom to take action and when to rest things out.

It is through the personal year information that you can look more directly at your own personal space.  When you are operating within your own natural currents and flows, honoring the cycles and their wisdom; you also open yourself to receive any and all possibilities.  You are able to increase your personal freedom in the world, able to respond with wisdom and wholeness instead of being caught up in reaction.  You are able to remain connected regardless of what is whirling around you.  You are able to act with foresight instead of getting caught off guard.  It places you in a position to have greater command over your life.

We are each here on a journey.  Each of us has the ability to influence not only our own lives; but to create a positive influence in the world simply by paying attention to what is happening for us and moving through the world in awareness.  Your Personal Year In Codes is a great gift to yourself and others. 

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Cost for Your Personal Year In Codes is $399 

I spend approximately 6-8 hours on each one that I provide.  Each one draws on over 50 different modalities, none of which are used in the traditional way.  These modalities are woven together in layers that are brought together by intuitive wholeness; a process where I tap into the intuitive knowledge that comes from my own wholeness and team of Magi.

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"I work with Jesse and her coding is brilliant. She draws wisdom from so many perspectives that are continually spot on! The information and guidance she shares has provided clarity and insights to empower me personally and expand my business easily and effortlessly. I know my income has opened so many income streams because of work I have done with her. This woman knows stuff! She is becoming more and more sought out by people so go hire her" ~ Lorraine Cohen, Quantum Energy Healing, Soul Power Coaching, Health Alchemist, Intuitive Readings

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“Jesse An Nichols George’s Code Interpretation work has been just phenomenal for improving both my personal and business life. Through her natural intuitive gifts and Code Interpretation she has helped me in so many areas of my business, such as my website, my Radiance Circle group and my #1 Bestselling book “Embraced by the Divine.” She works tirelessly to find the most favourable coding for you so your presentation in word, colour and image captures your unique essence. Even something like finding the right fonts and colours for your website can make a huge difference to its energy and the clients you attract. She can even give you the dates, months and days that are most favourably coded for you to launch new programs, run workshops or do an interview. The scope of Jesse’s coding work is only limited by your imagination. Highly recommended!”Michelle Mayur #1 Bestselling Author – Healer – Speaker

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"Jesse is a Gorgeous Force to be reckoned with! her dedication to Bringing the Truth and sharing this Truth to the World is awe-inspiring. The Calm Presence of her Being, her dedication to knowledge and wisdom and her Big Beautiful generous Heart. Jesse wears many hats and they are all made with integrity, wisdom, compassion and deep knowledge. Connect with Jesse and she will guide you to your True Self.  Thank you Jesse for all that you bring to our world. Much Love, Mary Finnerty"

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