Jesse An Nichols George​


The Magic of Compassion

When we learn to be compassionate with all those around us – we are able to see the bigger picture.

Let’s take the example of someone who is very heavy.  When we operate without compassion we assume that this person does not take care of themselves, sits around doing nothing and eating tons of bad food all day. They are treated as if they don’t deserve equal attention, courtesy, respect, often times are blamed for offending others with their appearance.  When we operate with compassion we wonder what has led them to be in that state, we feel for the challenges that they deal with on a day to day basis, and we wonder if there are health issues that has caused their weight.  This leads us to understand that regardless of their circumstances they are a living breathing person like anyone else who deserves to be respected, loved, and acknowledged for the assets that they do have.

There are many challenges that people deal with that we never see, and that the people that have them have become very good at hiding them.  Some of these include Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, Depression, Allergies – such as latex and gluten, Diabetes, and there are so many more.  Living in a compassionate space helps us to remove these labels while understanding them.  It helps us to appreciate the assets and strengths and gifts each person has to offer.  It rewards us with amazing relationships, incredible love, financial and career success, health, peace and serenity, and everything else that we could possibly ever imagine having.

 Having grown up without compassion from most of my peers, going through my own selfish spaces of not providing compassion, and now being in a place of living with compassion; I can assure you that life is everything I want it to be and more.  Every day I am given the opportunity to see people grow and create what they want because they have implemented compassion into their daily life and their interactions with others.  Living with compassion results in feeling good about yourself, what you have done, provides a restful night of sleep, and waking up each day looking forward to what it will bring.  How does it get any better than that?

Why Compassion

With all the things I have faced in my life, experiences I have gotten, people I have known and worked with; it is clear that my Mission is to share a message of compassion.  Knowing both the pleasure of having compassion and the pain of not having compassion – It is truly the key to creating the life we want and being free from what holds us back from getting the life we want.  You could say that compassion is the golden ticket – it helps us get out of our own way.

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