Jesse An Nichols George​


My work encompasses multiple fields of study and belief systems to help people create the life they desire to live.  The work I do comes from:

* A lifetime of study through personal experiences

* Channeling past lives and ancestor support - I am a 13th+ generation spiritual adviser and healer, energy tuner, life/relationship/spiritual wellness coach, wholistic and natural lifestyle advisor.  I am also a 13th+ generation Druidic practitioner

* Working with clients to achieve desired results and work through life processes for about 39 years

* Researching and studying the influences of environment, communications, personal dynamics, past lives, religions, cultural beliefs and lifestyles, metaphysics, wholistic healing, energetics, quantum energy, herbs, astrology, numerology, fengshui, environmental design, signs and symbols, dreams and dream work, meditation and visualization, mantras/chanting/affirmations, paranormal activity and spirit communication, auras, tantra and sacred sexuality, relationships, chakras, intuition and psychic work, crystals and gemstones, tarot, past life regression, divining, laying on of hands healing and energy alignment.

* 13 years of producing my own astrological forecast, hand casting charts, and during part of this time also had my own weekly radio segment for astrology

* Being a guest on radio  shows and now hosting my own radio show

* Being interviewed on tv on wiccan practices

* Working on missing persons cases and cold crime cases

* Teaching courses on multiple subjects

* Creating spiritual tools and products

* Owning and operating a retail store for herbs and other spiritual products

* Presenting at events, retreats, sound healings

* Creating workshops, events, and touring with my own work

I continue to develop, enhance, and embrace my gifts during this journey on earth and beyond.

“Open your heart to love, embrace it, become it: and you will find all things are possible.”

I have studied from a variety of teachers – many of them being Masters; some have chosen to remain very hidden and personally hand select their students, some carry more notoriety, some came from a lineage who did their work, channeling other planes and lifetimes.  Jesse looks to all her teachers – past, present, and future - with gratitude for time, experiences, wisdom, and willingness to share, believe, and support her.

My work has led me to work with people from a variety of cultures, backgrounds, and ages.  I have worked with abuse victims, parents with troubled teens, counselors and therapists, professors and teachers, politicians, spiritual leaders, other healers, heads of companies, actors/actresses/those in the entertainment industry, musicians, writers, lawyers, artists and more.

“Appreciate all that life has to offer you at any moment, and you will not be disappointed.”

A Little Background On Me

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A Coding Interpreter

It is said that after tough challenges one unleashes some of their greatest works.  That has certainly been the case for me.  While the work was unfolding for me, I went through a variety of challenges where many things were removed from my life including a job of 5 years, being unable to afford food, the passing of a beloved cat named Orlie who traveled the US with me, the passing of my mother, a vehicle accident that left me without shelter in Winter, frostbite, and much more.  Learn more about my stories on my stories page.